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Are you finding it hard to attract new customers to your business or find an audience when expanding into a new market? Have you recently opened up an online store and noticed it isn’t getting much traffic?

When you’re business is having trouble being seen online, you need to engage some form of online advertising to climb out of obscurity and attract new customers. Failing to invest in an attractive and functional website, as well as the means to promote that website (SEO), means that your business is going to be even further away from the minds of your target audience.

Today’s consumers primarily use the technology and the internet to search for and purchase the good or services they need/desire. For your business to continue to be successful, you need to cater for this type of consumer for fear of falling behind and being forgotten.


We are the only digital marketing agency in Sydney you’ll ever need!

Our expert staff at our digital marketing agency in Sydney are highly experienced in running online campaigns for a wide variety of businesses. Dentists, lawyers, accountants and even balloon makers all use our services and have been highly successful in attracting large number of new customers.

Our goal is to ensure that your audience is seeing and hearing about your brand more than your competitors before they make a purchase decision. This involves a mixture of tactics, some of them couched in the technical, algorithmic side of how search engines rank different websites.


Take a quick look at everything our digital marketing agency in Sydney do for you!

The following will go into brief detail on the specific named services we can provide to your brand. We recommend a comprehensive approach that makes uses of all available opportunities, but you are free to mix and match the services below depending on your business’ individual circumstances and the level you are comfortable with investing.

Strategy Consultancy

Strategy Consultancy

Social Media

Social Media

Creative Work

Creative Work

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Influencer/Celebrity Engagement

Influencer/Celebrity Engagement

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management

Website Auditing/Development

Website Auditing/Development


Find out why our digital marketing agency in Sydney is loved by clients old and new



We know that hiring a 3rd party digital marketing agency in Sydney to assist you with optimising and promoting your online presence isn’t the most straightforward business decision you have ever made. There are a lot of factors to consider and it’s prudent to be cautious about who you engage so that you ensure you get value for your money and only work with a firm that does the right thing by you and the industry at large.

We don’t take shortcuts that jeopardise the good standing of your business’ online reputation, especially with regards to Google and what they deem best practise. We don’t use unethical spam techniques that are ultimately ineffective for the long-term health of your website and we always check with you to ensure that the content we write on your behalf reflects your companies values.


Another thing you won’t need to worry about when working with our digital marketing agency in Sydney is corresponding with our team when you have urgent questions or concerns. We make it easy to get in touch with us any time you want to ask us a question about your campaign or simply check in on how things are going.

We welcome you to scrutinise our work and double-check things if it gives you extra peace of mind. We have designed the process of working with us to be free flowing so that you can jump in at anytime with your own suggestions and insight.

Since you know your industry better than we do, we always value your experience and feedback in developing the overall strategy we use for your campaign. If we ever miss the mark on something, we make it easy for you to let us know and get it corrected as soon as possible.

Real Quality

Real Quality

When it comes to online advertising strategies, sincerity has become more and more
important for search engines so as to avoid serving spam to their users. This means
that tactic designed to mass-produce low-quality or generic content in order to
inflate the relevancy of your website are no longer as effective as they may have
been a decade ago.

This means that you need to hire a digital marketing agency in Sydney that acknowledges this fact and actively refuses to use ‘spammy’ or aggressive outreach tactics. This type of behaviour may have yielded short-term results for some in the past, but nowadays they are simply an invitation to have your website penalised or potentially blacklisted by major search engines like Google.

Established & Experienced

Our track record of success has allowed us to become established as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Sydney with each of our staff
being highly experienced with this type of work. We maintain a diverse team of enthusiastic web developers, copywriters and SEO specialists who
collaborate where necessary but also are responsible for individual focus areas.

Because of our experience helping other business achieve online success, we know what works and we know the fastest way to do things.
This also means we are able to leverage the existing connections we have in order to make sure your campaign starts generating results as soon
as it can.

Upfront Pricing & Reporting

We have made sure the process of working with us is as streamlined as possible and has no nasty unforeseen surprises for you. This is why our pricing is totally upfront without any hidden fees – we discuss everything in detail before you spend any money.

We are also very thorough with the reporting we do for you, making sure you are updated at the frequency your desire so that you are always in the know about your campaign. With advanced analytical reporting, we are always learning new things from the data and are flexible in being able to alter your campaign the address any issues.

By going through the raw data we measure during the progress of your campaign, we can formulate new strategies that capitalise on opportunities we identify for you. This means that, when you choose us as your digital marketing agency in Sydney, you get the most flexible and well-researched online campaign possible!

How Does It Work?

Take a look at our simple 5 step process


Simply complete one of our online forms, give us a call on 1300 732 002 or send us an email! You can speak to our friendly team to see what we can do for your business and give us details about your website.


You will be sent via email a proposal that lists everything we have discussed with you for your final approval.


At this stage, our digital marketing agency in Sydney will kick into action on your campaign by conducting research on the best possible strategy for you.


Once your first monthly payment is received, we will then get ready to launch your campaign.


Your online campaign has officially begun and will be monitored by our team. We will report to you any issues that arise and update you regularly as milestones are reached.

Why do you need to invest in a digital marketing agency in Sydney like us?

Unless you have a plan to implement online advertising for your business, you will quickly fall behind your competitors who are doing it. These days, the vast majority of consumers look for products and services with the internet, mostly with their mobile phones.

This means that you need to ensure your business is discoverable on search engines, Google in particular (it dominates more than 80% of the market). In order to do that, you need to implement digital marketing work like search engine optimisation (SEO) so that your website meets the criteria search engines use when deciding what to serve their users.

Does your company have the time, resources or expertise on-hand in order to do all of this in-house? Unless you’re a huge national or international brand, it’s unlikely that you have the luxury of your own internal digital marketing agency in Sydney to rely on.

We have the tool and the knowledge to perform expert digital marketing work on your behalf and get results you won’t see anywhere else nearly as quickly! While online tactics are notorious for taking a long time to produce results, we at SEO Shark have optimised this process so that you see a return on your investment sooner and not later.