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2019 has already been a big year in the world of digital marketing.

With the increase in artificial intelligence, video marketing, chatbots and personalisation strategies, this is an industry that continues to evolve.

2020 will be a year that only extends on these themes and introduces some new concepts into the frame.

Posts That Are ‘Shoppable’

So much of the thinking around digital marketing over the past 10 years has been centered around the need for clicks and visibility. The higher these numbers are, the more business that is done. Whilst this assertion is correct, it overlooks the need to offer constituents fast and easy portals to shop for goods and services once they have located the page. Instagram posts that have a ‘view products’ link or a price established with a hyperlink is one example. Other posts on Google and Facebook now offer methods to send the consumer straight to a shopping cart rather than having to seek out this information off their own accord. Shoppable posts will only be expanding into 2020.

Social Messaging Connections

Social media has taken up a lot of oxygen when it comes to integrating these platforms into digital marketing exercises – and rightly so. Now these icons are experiencing something of a transition towards social messaging apps. Led in large part by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, brands are realising that these portals are the most popular means of consumers spreading content to friends, family members and colleagues. More customers are using these private messaging systems rather than openly posting links to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and this will be a trend to recognise for businesses seeking to boost their numbers.

Voice Search Increase

With Google and Amazon looking to pave the way for voice search technology and voice activated search heading in the affirmative direction for mobile users, this is a trend impossible to ignore in 2020. Digital marketing operators have been faced with this reality for the past 3-4 years but since the rollout of new home systems and smartphone devices, the major brands are already making it easier to locate brands just by speaking rather than typing. It is a significant game changer that can no longer go under the radar for businesses.

Honest & Transparent Content

Customers have already been given a glimpse through the fourth wall. We have never been more conscious about the fact that we are fed a steady diet of digital marketing content and those promotions keep constituents at arm’s length to a degree. This trend has already gained traction with outlets and businesses that poke fun at the same old marketing tropes before offering a blunt and direct message that resonates with local constituents. Expect this language to increase in 2020, keeping companies conscious about talking down to their customers and instead engaging them on their level.

Number 0 For SERP

The big objective for organisations across the board for years has been to secure the number one position for their search engine results page (SERP). This would include the home page, their ‘about us’ section, the blog, product page and all other elements that fitted under the banner. However, the shift for digital marketing campaigns that is already occurring and will only evolve heading into 2020 is achieving position zero. Where is this exactly? At the very top of a search engine results page, there will be a featured snippet that is highlighted before the first link is showcased. It will offer a miniature preview in the form of 3-4 sentences alongside some key bullet points in some instances. Scoring this slot for a page will score a jump on the number one ranking, quite the feat for brands that want to boost their visibility.