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The very phrase ‘digital marketing’ can have owners and managers in a panic about monthly budgeting and protecting the finances.

Whilst PR companies and marketing operators will advocate for the ‘speculate to accumulate’ approach, there can be a push and pull between how far a brand should invest in promotion and how much they need to avoid sinking into the red on the balance sheet.

For small to medium enterprises (SMEs), this is a continual conflict as they do not enjoy the same level of resources that their larger competitors utilise on a national and international level.

Fortunately there are methods to leverage in 2019 that allows local business managers to optimise their marketing dollars.

Email Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to scouring a social media feed or engaging with an online advertisement, none of these activities compare to the engagement that can be enjoyed with email. It might not appear like a brilliant new age approach that should be part of a grander digital marketing strategy, but the value of a procured email list is one of the greatest assets a local company can maintain. Engagement levels are high, the interaction is personal as the content is delivered into their inbox, and it establishes a connection between desktop users and mobile users alike.

Integrating Videos

In the field of digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO), video content is gold. PDFs, blogs, graphs, pictures and audio files are all still relevant and valuable for their own purposes, but there is no other medium that generates the same clicks and interactions as a well crafted online video. They are widely applicable to social media feeds, websites and email marketing ventures, allowing for the content to be spread wide and far.

Facebook Advertisements and Google Adwords

One of the great digital tools that has been provided to SME managers at a low cost is the demographic target marketing software issued by Facebook and Google. Through these advertisement portals, users can select postcodes, genders, ages, professions and shared hobbies to ensure the right message is going out to the right people. Enterprises can select how much they want to invest in each campaign and read real time analytics to determine performance.

Hosting Webinars and Online Q&A Sessions

Constituents don’t need to know that the brand is just a voice on a subject but an authoritative one as well. This is where the inclusion of webinars and online Q&A sessions helps with the digital marketing ventures of SMEs at a local level. Managers who have a confident presence and enjoy educating others on a niche are well placed here to offer colleagues, customers and investors a chance to understand more about their field of excellence. It is a means of driving engagement and providing a service without paying extensively for the privilege.

Local Instagram Connections

From major metropolitan centres across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to larger townships in Coffs Harbour or Townsville, these communities find connections and establish relationships on Instagram. The popular social media app enjoys over 9 million users in Australia alone and is one of the more cost effective digital marketing strategies that SMEs can embrace. Coffee shops connect with wholesale outlets. Retail brands connect with manufacturers. Lawyers connect with accountants. This is where local commerce is thriving and requires very little time, effort or money to make headway.

Digital marketing agency efforts are still well complimented by print media campaigns that offer a tangible presence for local constituents, yet these methods are proven to provide a quality return on investment if implemented correctly. Many of these promotional pushes live and die by their timing and how well the message is designed around the habits and requirements of the target market. If enough research has been undertaken into the needs of the demographics and the brand can be visible, the results should follow for SMEs.