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Depending on where someone is the world, they may have found that they have logged on their Instagram account to find that they can no longer see how many likes each of their posts have received. While this may seem alarming at first, this is actually something that Instagram is trialling in different counties to see if it can make a positive impact on its user’s mental health. This is because when people become obsessed with how many likes they are getting, this can lead to some negative consequences such as self-esteem issues, people doing whatever it takes in order to get likes, as well as people paying for said likes.

It may appear that this seems like a push in the right direction but not all users are so convinced. Many people have noticed that their engagement has greatly dropped since these new changes have come in and that they are encouraged to pay to boost their posts if they want more people to see them. Because of this, we will be exploring if it is still worthwhile working with Instagram influencers now that Instagram has removed the likes feature.

It may still be worthwhile working with Instagram influencers as they will still have access to their analytics if they have a business profile

Even though the general public are not able to see how many likes other people are getting, this doesn’t mean that users aren’t able to see how many likes they are getting on their end. This means that it is still possible to work with companies as all they will have to do is to send a screen shot of their analytics after they have put up a sponsored post. Furthermore, businesses are still able to see how many followers people have and so if they have a lot of followers who are apart of their target audience, then it still may be worthwhile to work with them.

Having said this, if people are ever feeling overwhelmed, they can always work with a digital marketing agency who is able to pair people with influencers who are reputable and who do not have any fake followers. As so many people are still upset over the fact that Instagram now has so many advertisements, it is still a great move to reach people in a gentler way through influencers.

Micro influencers may still be the way to go for those who are trying to target a certain audience

Even though it is harder for businesses to tell how popular someone really is now that likes are removed, this doesn’t mean that it is necessarily not worthwhile working with an influencer. This is especially the case when it comes to working with a micro-influencer who is someone who may have a smaller audience but an audience who are more select. For instance, a company who sells a health and wellness product may be better off working with someone who has 4000 followers who are all passionate about health rather than working with someone who has a million followers from lots of different areas and with lots of different interests.

Once again, if people are really wanting to make sure that they are seeing the numbers go up, they might be best to work with an agency who is able to track the success of working with such influencers. At the end of the day, some people like to stick to old fashioned advertisements but for some, they would rather work with others. Contact Digital Marketing Agency Sydney to get help.