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Opening up oneself to the world on online marketing can sometimes feel like opening a flood gate. There is just so much information available and so much of it seems to be contradicting. Furthermore, most people seem to have a personal opinion about what types of tools are best to implement when looking to build an audience.

For example, some people believe that social media is where it is at and then others will swear by purchasing online ads. Others will believe that having a blog is the only way to move forward and then others will believe that boosting posts on Facebook and Instagram will help their plight. As there are so many different roads that people can go down, it is usually best to have a clear path in mind so that people aren’t spreading themselves too thin.

One way to do this is to work with an agency who specialises in this area, or for those who are able to manage themselves, it is important to have one goal in mind. And to best help those who want to decide on this goal, here are the differences between digital marketing and advertising as well as which one may be best for your business to implement.

Digital advertising is where a message is sent to a certain audience in the hope that they will make a purchase or will become a client

Just like how back in the day, people would purchase ads to feature in newspapers, magazines, on radio shows, and on billboards, businesses are now making the same investments except that their primary focus is now online. This can include things such as running an advertisement campaign on a social media platform, paying to boost a post on a social media platform, paying for clicks in search engine results, and running ads anywhere else on the internet. This approach is often best for those who are looking to quickly increase their exposure and sales rates but who may already have a strong audience and brand.

For instance, many real estate agents who did not run their campaigns online in the past will have had to cross over when the digital era boomed. For those who are just starting out, however, shoving ads in people’s faces may not be the best way to go as they will need to establish trust first. And when this is the case, digital marketing may instead be the way to go.

Digital marketing are tools that allow people to grow their online presence over a long period of time

For those who are just starting out, it is incredibly important to build strong foundations first. Before the internet was born people may have achieved this by meeting people face to face and making a good impression but nowadays all of this is done digitally. And so, people will have to go about making a good impression in other ways that will help elicit feelings of trust.

One of the best ways that people can do this is by having a social media platform that they regularly post to. This will help people understand that they are a real person instead of just a business and that they are able to easily contact them if they ever need to. Similarly, people are able to build trust when they have a website which they can direct their social media followers to. All in all, this is the best method for those who are just starting out. Contact our Digital Marketing Agency Sydney to get help.