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Local brands might once have been cautious about using social media and being skeptical about its benefits, but that is less the case in 2019.

It is harder to justify being ignorant on the subject when everyone from electricians, hair salons, IT support workers and dentist clinics are gaining more traction and earning more dollars through the increased levels of visibility.

For all the increase in coverage, there are still some common mistakes that take place and misconceptions about how these platforms should be operated.

We will take some time here to offer key tips and outline best practice for campaigns of this nature.

Be Authentic

Those managers and operators with little experience in the field of social media enter the project with the belief they can con or bypass the system. That is a grave error to make. A lack of authenticity shows through and is obvious for followers. If the employees are funny, make funny content. If the subject matter is serious and somber, reflect that tone in the content. A stark contrast in this setting won’t sit well with constituents who click that follow or like button for a reason.

Have Consistency With The Brand Image

Another element that can erode confidence and support with a local brand is a business that has no consistency with their image on social media. One moment they are developing a creative perception free of boundaries and regulations, all before switching 180° to showcase a clean and professional picture. Businesses that want to reboot and alter their target market can innovate their brand image, but it is a poor tactic to utilise if nothing of the business model has changed. It will demonstrate a lack of vision on the part of the company.

The Right Channel For The Right Audience

The fact of the matter is a local aged care facility is not going to get any joy by using Snapchat, nor is a edgy street-wear brand going to be able to leverage Pinterest or LinkedIn. The global conglomerates and international companies who spend millions on social media have that luxury to diversify in this department, but on a smaller level this is not the best use of time or resources. Know which platform is best and where traction can be gained – examining the possibilities through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and beyond.

Mix Content Mediums

The great aspect about social media is that a wide range of content mediums can be utilised without having to extend budgets or resources. With filtered pictures being the option of choice for Instagram, blog posts can be promoted on Facebook and Twitter whilst videos can be pushed on YouTube and cross-pollinated on the other platforms as well. GIFs, Tik Tok and Boomerang snippets are also fun modern ways of innovating content and pushing boundaries for consumers in 2019.

Stay The Course

Businesses expecting immediate short-term results with their social media campaign should stop and turn back now. This is a long-term commitment that is much like search engine optimisation (SEO), requiring regular work and endeavour to gain trust and traction in equal measure. If it is seen as a short-term fix, the users will be left disappointed.

It can be too much to ask for a local brand to go from ground zero to becoming a master of the arts in social media. That is a grand transition that would take time and resources that most outlets don’t enjoy, but it is still worthwhile creating a following and niche that leverages the business’s assets and brings in additional customers as well. It is not an insurmountable challenge to develop a community of customers and organically grow a following of constituents.