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When most people are launching a product, their own brand, or a new business, the chances are that they will be super keen to dive into using social media. This can include platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. While it is good to be enthusiastic and diligent, the problem with this is that people often don’t understand how much work has to go into using these platforms.

When these types of things first came on the scene, it was extremely easy for creative who were consistent to build up a strong audience of followers quickly. Nowadays, it is such a saturated market and the chances are that whatever it is that one person is promoting, another person is already doing the same. Furthermore, the companies that run these platforms have changed and evolved the algorithms so much, that users are basically at their mercy.

But this doesn’t mean that people should stay away from them altogether, it simply means that they should wisely spend their time which is why this post will explore why choosing one social media platform to focus on is usually better than poorly using several.

It is best to choose one social media platform that you are passionate about as followers will be able to sense this

When we say someone is poorly using a social media platform, we are meaning that the user is not engaging with followers or potential followers on a regular basis, is not posting on a regular basis, is not utilising tags correctly, or is not posting good quality content. The reason why someone may find themselves not really getting into it is because they simply aren’t that passionate about a certain platform. For instance, some people really struggle with some of the features on Facebook such as the “suggested friends” feature and this can actually be quite traumatic for many.

Others may not enjoy how political Twitter is and then some may have no idea about how Instagram works. On the other hand, people usually have one or two platforms that they were already enjoying before they launched their business and so it is sometimes best to solely focus on these. Someone’s audience will likely respond better when they can see someone is enjoying themselves and so will be more likely to convert to a customer or client.

It is best to choose one social media platform to focus on as your target audience may only spend time in one area of the internet

Another important reason why it may be best to choose only one social media platform to focus on in because a business’s target audience may only be spending their time in one area of the internet. For instance, someone who is in their early thirties and who is looking to provide clean and healthy meals for their children, may only be spending their time on Instagram. And so, a company would be best to have an online presence (and to advertise if they wish) only on this platform.

If people do not know who their target audience is as well as where they spend their time online, then it may be best to work with a digital marketing professional who is able to do this research for them so that they can figure out which platform to put their energy into. This will help with increasing exposure overall which, of course, will help with leading to sales and a business that can thrive long term.