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While there are many people out there who have flocked away from having a website because of the time that needs to be spent on sites as well as the upkeep costs, this is actually a huge mistake. When people put all of their focus on their social media accounts, they are giving away their power to whatever algorithm happens to be in place at that time. This can greatly limit their exposure and can leave people feeling frustrated overall.

Because of this, more and more people are understanding how important it still is to have a website as well as a blog as they are able to speak to their users directly. While most people don’t read in this day and age, there are still some people who do and written content is still a fantastic way to boost up a companies place in search engine results. Furthermore, people are able to include videos and audios in their blog posts which is the preferred method of content for many. Whatever the case may be, even the best blog post in the world isn’t; going to help when people don’t have great graphics on their site and so this article will explore the topic further.

Your graphics will need to be able to load quickly on smart devices as well as computers

As previously mentioned, sometimes people will put all of their effort into their written blog posts but will forget about including images and graphics in these posts. Not only will people be missing out on an important chance to include relevant key words but they will also be making it harder for visitors to absorb their content. This is because when people include an image, it will break up the written content and will make it more pleasing to the eye.

Having said this, there are some people out there who do include images and graphics, however, they tend to make some mistakes when it comes to this. For instance, people may include too many photos that are too large in file size on one post which will make that page extremely slow to load. Others may include lots of graphics such as GIFS which once again, can slow down the loading speed of the page.

Others may include images that they found on a creative commons website which actually isn’t going to do them any favours when it comes to SEO as original images are best. And finally, people may use images that are of low quality and that people cannot see.

Having consistent graphics throughout can help people feel at ease when it comes to spending

Another thing that people may not have thought about is the fact that they are sending a message about how professional they are with the types of graphics that they use. For instance, when someone comes across a person or company for the first time and they can clearly see that the same fonts, colours, and images are used throughout, this may make it more likely that they are going to trust them. When the design is all over the place people may feel confused visually and may even be less likely to spend any money.

This means that even when people are pouring their heart and soul into their blog posts, they may still may not be able to convert their visitors into clients or customers unless their whole site is looking as consistent and reputable as possible.